08 June 2018

Favorite Fit

I think I've finally found it. I think I've found my "signature style."

From a young age, I've never been comfortable with wearing clothes that were particularly feminine or tight-fitting. I just never felt myself in them. Even when I liked what I was wearing, it never seemed like a genuine representation of my true self.

A few years ago, I bought a pair of boyfriend jeans from H&M. It was then that I started to realize that comfort was most important when expressing yourself with fashion. And I don't mean comfort as in comfortable fabric or comfortable fit. When I put on those boyfriend jeans for the first time, I felt comfortable in my own skin. I felt like I was making a statement, a true statement about what I wanted to artistically express with my clothes. It wasn't long after when I discovered culottes and I learned this is what worked for me.

I still keep a Pinterest board of outfits that inspire me and reflect my personal style and I've found myself leaning more and more to shapes that mirror menswear. There's something so incredibly chic and bold about it, although the clothes themselves are pretty simple.

16 January 2018

For The Internet!

I couldn't sleep last night because I took Sudafed before I went to bed, so naturally my mind was running at 1,000 miles per minute. Aside from having my weekly existential crisis, I also got to thinking about how tired I am of living for the internet.

I should've gotten up and started writing straight away, but I didn't want to wake my boyfriend up and I also wanted to just fall asleep because I'm absolutely terrible at waking up in the morning for work (though more sleep doesn't necessarily mean I'm going to wake up early). So please forgive me if the what you're about to read sounds like mindless garbage.

Now when I say living for the internet, I mean basing the majority of my decisions on whether or not it's worth sharing on social media or even here on my blog. For example, when I'm trying to choose my next vacation destination, I find myself thinking of what place would produce the most Instagram-worthy pictures and what would elicit the most comments on Facebook. Can we all just stop for a second and think about how sad and inauthentic, and might I add exhausting, that is?

I long for the days when I could go out and do something or go somewhere without having to think of how I could possibly turn a lunch date or a simple hike into a post. It's not that I can't do it now. I'm not obligated to post anything on the internet because I don't do this for a living. What I would really like is to turn that part of my brain off. I don't want to have to ask myself, "Am I doing this because I want to do this or because I think it'd make for a great photo-op?" Do I even really like pie* or did I just want to show people that I went to Pop Pie?

Another part of the internet that I don't like is the need to announce or address every major issue or event on our social media accounts. I don't want to feel like a bad human for not posting something on Instagram on someone's birthday or anniversary, or commenting on their post. I'm also sick of trying to romanticize everything or turning everything into a photoshoot. It's overkill and I'd like to be able to relax and enjoy the moment I'm in.

My feelings of apathy towards web relations doesn't mean that I look down on how you use the internet. I really don't care what you use it for.

I'm not quite sure where I'm going with this. This is me expressing my disappointment and anger towards myself over something I have complete control over. Please don't get me wrong, I fucking love the world wide webs. It allows me access to basically all the information I need to learn so that I can play along to Jeopardy every night at home and I've met some amazing and wonderful human friends because of the internet. I also learned how to do my make-up from watching videos so high-five internet!

I think I'm just having a hard time reconciling my social life with social media.

*Don't be an idiot, of course I actually like pie. It's food.

14 August 2017

Crock-Pot Sunday | Turkey Enchilada Quinoa

"So, are you like a food blogger now?"
No. God, no.

But seriously, I'm not. I don't have my own recipes and I'm not a "foodie" by any means. I am just using my blog to share good recipes that I find and also to motivate me to cook at home. I am making an effort to eat at home more, not only to save money, but also to be relatively healthier.

Speaking of healthy, this past weekend, I made the healthy version of one of our favorite dishes to make at home. My boyfriend makes a really good enchilada casserole, which is basically an enchilada "lasagna," but it's very fatty and unhealthy (but ohhh so delicious).

He sent a link to me the other day of 30 healthy slow cooker recipes and one stood out to me as I knew it was something that he would really like. I followed the link for the "Slow Cooker Chicken Enchilada Quinoa" and it took me to Bobbi's Kozy Kitchen!

Let me tell you, this recipe is packed with flavor. I had to tweak it a little and it actually ended up being "Turkey Enchilada Quinoa." Here are the substitutions I made:

  • I used the Jennie-O Taco Seasoned Ground Turkey instead of ground chicken because the turkey was on sale. 
  • I didn't use any jalapenos because I used spiced beans. This was simply because I didn't want to buy just ONE jalapeno. We are not big jalapeno users at home.
  • We didn't have cumin so I used curry powder instead, which is a good substitute. I also used 1/2 tbsp instead of the suggested 1 tbsp because I wasn't sure how the curry powder would alter the intended flavor.
  • I added about 1 tsp. of chipotle powder.

Trying new recipes is always a scary thing for me since I'm not an experienced cook, but I'm actually very proud of how this turned out. I'm that much more excited now for the next recipe that I'm going to attempt!

Until the next dish...*

*I really shouldn't sign off with this because then it makes it seem like I'm a food blogger, because I'm really not.

Omg why do I care so much?

09 August 2017

Favorite Life Pro Tips/Hacks

Turn Zits into Moles/Beauty Marks
I have to admit, this is not an original idea. I saw Miley Cyrus do it once and thought it was genius. I'm merely re-blogging, if you will, this brilliant concept for you all because I know we've all been there. My favorite products to use are brown liquid eyeliners and brown pencil eyeliners. Both work just fine and it just depends on how dark you want your mark to be. It's your choice, Death Eaters.

Oh wait, wrong mark... I meant your fake mole obviously. I'm not a follower of the Dark Lord.

Or am I?

Buying Paperbacks from Half.com
When I was still in school, I used to buy and rent books online all the time. Apart from Chegg and Abe Books, I'd also go on eBay and Half.com. Half was always more reliable than all the other sites (apart from Chegg) so I used them a lot. If you're a reader and prefer real books over a Nook or Kindle, you can get super cheap paperbacks from Half.com, where they can be as cheap as $0.50!

Going to TJ Maxx and Marshall's for Beauty, Hair and Skincare Products
Unless you're a makeup artist or esthetician, I don't think it's necessary to spend a lot of money on beauty tools, skincare or hair products that you're only going to use on yourself. I love going to these stores to look for cheap brushes and other tools. I've found a lot of Real Techniques brush sets at both Marshall's and TJ Maxx. I've also found brush eggs and other brush cleaning supplies. As far as skincare goes, you obviously have to be a little cautious and check the labels. Recently I found some Elizabeth Arden products on sale, none of which were expired. It turns out EA are rolling out new packaging so anything that had old packaging was sent to discount stores. To be honest, it can be hit or miss when it comes to finding good products. You just have to be really patient and use good judgment.

Going to TJ Maxx, Marshall's and HomeGoods for Home... Goods...
As much as I love IKEA and Target, sometimes you just find better deals at TJ Maxx, Marshall's and HomeGoods. Plus I love that they sell fairly unique items. At HomeGoods, especially, you can find furniture, accent pieces, rugs, decor, etc. for a reasonable price.

08 August 2017

Spaghetti Cacio e Pepe w/ Arugula

I'm back with another recipe from Cravings! Again, I chose a recipe that my boyfriend wouldn't completely shun away and one that was (almost) fool-proof. I went with Chrissy's "Lemony Arugula Spaghetti Cacio e Pepe." I've made cacio e pepe before with just olive oil, some cheese and pepper, but this was a little bit more spruced up as it called for pancetta, arugula, lemon juice and copious amounts of red pepper flakes (which I'm learning is pretty much in every single recipe in this book).

This dish is really that easy to make and really tasty too. I thought the combination of the pancetta, lemon and arugula went really well together. I think next time I will add even more pancetta (I love me some meat) and maybe sub in another leafy green, as the arugula is a little too bitter and something my boyfriend won't touch.

I'm really enjoying this cook book and how it's helping my confidence in the kitchen. Cooking is becoming less stressful for me and is now more of a therapeutic learning experience. I intend to completely nerd out on this sh*t.

Until the next dish...